Dedicated to the memory of Joseph F. Baugher

Joseph F. Baugher

It is easy to take things for granted. Like the wealth of information freely available on the internet which we use every day. It is only when it is often too late that we realise we never thanked someone for their hard work and dedication, collecting and researching, and then making it public to the benefit of everyone interested. Joe Baugher was such a man. I never met him, never got around thanking him, but consulted his work almost daily. Joe Baugher had made it his mission to list the individual histories of every single aircraft ever used in US military service. A mammoth task, seemingly impossible, but Joe pulled it off to a great extent. No frills, no shiny banners, no photos, just text and numbers. Perfect! No work is without its faults, but the result can be considered an online benchmark, appreciated by many all over the world.

Joseph F. Baugher passed away on the 12th of November 2023, at the age of 82. He left for the "Eternal Airfields" as we sometimes like to say. As mentioned before I too never got around to thank him for his outstanding work, which I now regret. These pages are both meant to keep Joe's legacy alive, and to keep his work available for all to enjoy.

You can read Joe's obituary, for as long as it is online. It was written by his loving wife Judith.

In no way will I ever take any credit for Joe Baugher's work and dedication. I do not mean to infringe on any copyrights. I'm just a fellow enthusiast who believes in keeping the legacy alive, and not letting Joe's work fade away. I will therefore endeavour to keep maintaining and expanding the lists.

From what I can tell, Joe did his last edits to the serial number lists in October of 2023. All changes after that are done by me.

Joe received a lot of contributions from other enthusiasts, all eager to make the lists as correct, elaborate and up-to-date as possible. Joe assessed all new data and incorporated it into his website. I will happily do the same, please send your updates and corrections to

The lists will remain in the "basic" form as they were when Joe made them. But I have made changes to the look-and-feel, to hopefully make the pages a little more easy to access, and more straightforward to maintain. It will be "work in progress" for some time to come...

Marco Dirkx
December 2023